b. Laredo, TX
Currently lives and works in Washington, D.C.

Jassie Rios is an electronic musician and artist with a particular interest in light & sound and the ways it articulates space.  Her visual and sonic work explores natural phenomena, language and man-made interventions into the environment and probes the relationship of historical record, scientific process, and poetic representation.

By applying a conceptual and theoretical framework her practice crosses wires, disciplines and borders to extend, fold, and push drawing, sculpture  and music—questions of composition, physicality of form, and the ephemeral and immaterial  as material to generate work draws attention to what lies at the edge of perceptibility— placing the work and audience in a new relationship.

She problematizes the industry of music with respect to various forms of recording: sampling, notation, code, mixing, performance, genre, improvisation/chance as a system, and she measures this information, takes it out of context in which they are normally seen and/or heard, and reshapes and represents them anew. 

Her work oscillates between states of representation and fragmentation, acoustic and electronic, object and process and takes the form of site-specific, interactive installations, drawings, collage, photography, video, music, performance, research, writing and works for internet and paper.
She earned an MA in Audio Technology with a concentration in computer music at American Univerisity and an MFA is Studio Art in Drawing Practices from the Maryland Instititue College of Art.

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