The technical achievements of single-celled organisms, flaggelates, algae, cells, leaves, stems and fruit are examples of the ingenuity of nature compared to human inventions like turbines, building structures, pumps, ocean liners. The human invention crude by comparison. This is an example of the ideas discussed in the work of botanist and microbiologist Raoul France and the premise of what drives this work. 

"The mechanics of the world are at work in the machines, may they have been built by either the other living creaturs or by us out of the technical primal forms, the seven biotechnical elements. We also build them out of stones and then speak of architecture, they realize themselves in tones and form the sounding organisms, compositions. Or from concepts and then call it philosophy" RF

These seven Biotechnical Element scores are used to generates multiple  “specific” realizations in different contexts. This notational system is a tool to produce work  that can take the form of installations, performance acts, sculptural objects, photographic documents, or linguistic statements.               

2015, pencil on bristol board, 8.5" x 11"
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