Jassie Rios is a sound artist working at the intersection of computer music and drawing. Her visual and sonic work explores light, time, space, sound, kinetics, language in relationship to the landscape and the everyday. By applying a conceptual and theoretical framework, her practice crosses wires, disciplines and borders, focusing on the ephemeral and immaterial as material to draw attention to what lies at the edge of perceptibility. Her work oscillates between states of representation and fragmentation, acoustic and electronic, object and process, and takes the form of site-specific, interactive sound/light installations, collage, video, photography, text, performance, and works for internet and paper. Lines of research include noise, silence, chance, improvisation and programming with open-source softwares. 

Rios studied Interdisciplinary Drawing at the Maryland Institute College of Art, earning a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art (2011); she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Painting from Texas State University (2002); and she is working towards earning a Master of Arts in Audio Technology at American University, concentrating in Computer Music.  

Jassie’s work and installations have been exhibited throughout DC, Maryland, Virginia, Philadelphia, Texas and New York. Selected performances include ’A Line Becomes A Cone’ Stevens Institute for Technology, Hoboken, NJ and ‘American Wild Birds’ at Wave Farm Acra, NY. Collaborations with artists include Renee van der Stelt and Free [Space] Collective. Textual works are featured in Ditch, an archive for Canadian and International Contemporary Poetry.

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