GramFX is an augmented gramophone that utilizes an open air gesture control scheme for control over processing of acoustic and electronic sound. It combines old and new recording/playback technologies to explore the physicality of a wind-up turntable in relation to light, time, space, and movement.  Breaking the records and collaging them back together again along with placing strips of electrical vinyl tape in radiating strips onto the records creates analog glitch noise that is processed with an effects chain using DRFX in Pure Data. Additional synthesis is generated based on real-time audio analysis of the acoustic gramophone output.

Using one to many mapping strategies, effects parameters are mapped to both raw independent coordinates and relative coordinate data. The effects and techniques are borrowed/inspired by “Dj’s” from various time periods, such as: Hindemith, Pierre Schaeffer,  John Cage, DJ Kool Herec, Grand Master Flash, Daphne Orame, and Suzanne Ciani.

In all, GramFX is capable of granular synthesis, pitch shifting, Moog-like synthesis, variable playback speeds, and phase-vocoded streams of stretched audio. It can be played by physically locking the needle in a groove and by activating the DRFX chain with hand gesture controls and zones.  

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