A Line Becomes a Cone: An Environment for 11 sq. ft. is a real-time, interactive light and sound installation that includes software made from scratch.

I wanted to develop a program out of the basic idea of a shadowgraph: the absence and presence of light. The software is built to analyze the shadows of people or objects using computer vision techniques which then translate that data to filter a granular synthesizer in real-time.
Granular Synthesis (GS) is the technique of using tiny grains of audio to create clouds of sound. (GS) is based on the micro-acoustic time scale (typically 1 to 100 ms) and is similar too the same principle as sampling, however, the samples are not played back conventionally, but are instead split into small pieces of audio, called grains.

A Line Becomes A Cone is a granular synthesizer that is specific and customized. It is possible to adjust the speed, pitch, levels, grain overlap, phasor, etc. The granulator consists of 220 grain voices with up to 220 grains simultaneously played in order to produce asynchronous clouds of granular synthesis output.  The granulator uses Spectrum Filtering or FFT Filtering.  A spectrum filter processes the filter according to frequency bands that line-up with the bark frequency scale, which is a perceptual based scale that’s been verified psycho-acoustically and matches up with how we hear.  The scale ranges from 1 to 24 and corresponds to the first 24 critical bands of hearing; all sections of the eq curve will produce an audible perceptual result.

My process involves programming in Pure Data (or just ‘Pd’); it is an open source visual programming language for multimedia.  Its main distribution ('Pd Vanilla') was developed by Miller Puckett. The language consists of objects, messages, symbols and numbers, along with various plug-ins, libraries and externals such as PMPD, GEM and Timbre ID.

The blue tape acts as the musical score, it measures 11 sq.ft. It frames the rate of deforestation, references construction in the environment and acts as a reminder of the political and social systems already in place.
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